Construction waste


In construction, we often deal with demolition work, where construction waste appears as a side product. This raises the question, what to do with it?

Construction waste


The problem with construction waste is that there is less and less space to deposit it and that one also needs to ensure long-term protection of primary materials by using them as little as possible.

THE WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN ON THE CONSTRUCTION SITE needs to be prepared, before removing construction waste.

The plan must contain information on:

  • the removal of hazardous construction waste before demolition,
  • separate collection of construction waste, especially hazardous waste, at the construction site,
  • on-site processing of construction waste,
  • the management of soil excavation, especially of contaminated soil,
  • the amounts and types of construction waste that need to be processed or removed,
  • the planned methods for processing and removing construction waste.
  • The investor must ensure that the construction work contractors forward their construction waste to an authorized collector of construction waste.



Documents confirming the order of construction waste acceptance must show the type of construction waste, the planned amount of created construction waste and the address of the construction site including indication of the belonging building permit, to which the acceptance of construction waste refers to.

The investor must authorize one construction contractor for the entire construction site for handing over construction waste to a collector of construction waste on his/her behalf. Each time a shipment of waste is handed over, a record sheet needs to be prepared by the authorized contractor, as determined by regulations governing waste management.




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Construction waste

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