Occupational health and safety


Occupational health and safety is everyone's concern. Improved situation in the field of occupational health and safety makes it possible to achieve well-being of employees, better use of resources to work, higher productivity level and increased profits.


Declaration of the safety including risk assessment

Every employer must make and accept a declaration on safety in written form, with which it defines the method and the measures for ensuring occupational health and safety in the event of every new threat or change in the level of risk.


Technical assistant

The employer may entrust implementation of occupational health and safety related tasks to technical assistant. The employer may ensure carrying out all or individual tasks or organizing and ensuring occupational health and safety with external professionals or with professional external services having relevant work permits.


Training of employees in occupational health and safety

The employer shall undertake to train the worker for safe implementation of work at the conclusion of the employment relationship, in the event of deployment to another post, when introducing new technologies and new means for work as well as in the event of a change in the working process, which could cause a change in the occupational safety.
Training must be adapted to the specifics of the position of employment and must be carried out according to the programme, which must be renewed by the employer, if necessary, and change its contents with regard to the new forms and types of risks.


Training for lifting platform operators

Picture 1: Training for lifting platform operators

Inspections and tests of working equipment

An employer must ensure that a competent person reviews and inspects the working equipment after its installation and prior to the first start-up or after being transferred to another post. Such competent person than issues a certificate, which indicates that the working equipment is properly installed and that it operates in accordance with regulations and provisions.
Supervision and control over the working equipment must be ensured with regular control inspections and tests. These must be provided within time limits as set by the manufacturer. In the event the manufacturer fails to set time limits for periodical check-ups than these must be provided within time limits, which shall not be longer than 36 months.     


Inspection of work equipment

Picture 2: Inspection of work equipment

Investing harmfulness of working environment

Employers are required to determine microclimate conditions and adequacy of the natural and artificial lightning as well as other harmful effects on the health and lives of its workers by investigations of the working environment in the working and auxiliary service areas. The employer shall be under obligation to ensure periodic investigations of the working environment in time limits, which shall not be longer than three years.                     

Measurements of working environment

Picture 3: Measurements of working environment




  • carrying out tasks by the technical assistant related to occupational safety in accordance with requirements of the Article 15 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act,
  • contract implementation of all types of services from the field of occupational health and safety (monthly lump sum, per implemented tasks...),
  • professional assistance, consulting, organization, coordination and guidance of authorised and other managers for implementation of occupational health and safety measures,
  • consulting and assistance in selecting personal protective equipment, in workplace ergonomics and in selecting working equipment,
  • inspections and testing of working equipment,
  • inspections of personal protective equipment,
  • organization and implementing training of employees for safe work on more complex post, where the risk assessment indicates greater risk for injuries and health damage (forklift drivers, construction machinery operators and so on),
  • organization and implementation of training of direct managers for practical training of workers to work safely,
  • organization and implementation of training for health and safety coordinators on temporary and mobile construction sites,
  • organization and implementation of seminars on occupational health and safety with recognized experts and supervisory authorities in this area (labour inspectors),
  • organization of keeping prescribed records,
  • organization and implementation of prescribed measurements and investigations of working environment related parameters (noise level, lighting, noise, vibrations, microclimate - humidity, temperature, draught),
  • implementation of professional and expert bases for the declaration of safety including risk assessment.


Noise measurement  Measurement of vibration
Picture 4: Noise measurement Picture 5: Measurement of vibration





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Occupational health and safety

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