Packaging and packaging waste


The Decree on the Management of Packaging and Packaging Waste determines the rules of conduct in the production, introduction and use of packaging, as well as other conditions for collection, reuse, processing and removal of packaging waste.

  Packaging and packaging waste


The provisions of this decree apply for all packaging, which is introduced into circulation, and for all packaging waste, which is produced in industry, craft, trade, services and other activities, in households or elsewhere, irrespective of the packaging material, if not determined otherwise by special regulations for a certain type of packaging or packaging waste or for specific waste packaging management.


The reporting agent is a legal entity or private entrepreneur based in the Republic of Slovenia, which gives the packaging or packaged goods on the market for the first time in the RS, and is a packer, an acquirer of packaged goods, a manufacturer of packaging or a packaging acquirer.



Reporting agents can meet the requirements and responsibilities for the management of packaging and packaging waste in accordance with the said decree in two ways:

  • by entering into contract with one of the companies for packaging waste management or
  • by using an individual system.  ATTENTION! (Only for non-municipal packaging waste.)


If the packer, the acquirer of goods, the manufacturer of packaging or a packaging acquirer wishes to fulfil his/her obligations by using an individual system, he/she must first be entered into the record of individual systems for packaging waste management at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment. The application for a certificate of entry in the records of individual systems must include evidence of compliance with the prescribed conditions and a plan for the management of packaging waste.



In the event that packaging is not refundable or that the annual amount of packaging that the reporting agent is introducing into circulation or uses for own purposes exceeds 15,000 kg, the latter must also pay an environmental tax for generating packaging waste, in accordance with the Decree on Environmental Tax on the Generation of Packaging Waste (CARS).


Upon paying the environmental tax for the first time, the reporting agent must submit a registration of activities, which mandate an environmental tax, at the Customs Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (CARS) in a minimum of 15 days before starting operations.


The reporting agent is obligated to report to CARS, when the activity, which requires an environmental tax, begins, changes or ends.



The packer, the acquirer of goods and the manufacturer and acquirer of packaging, which is not intended for packaging goods, is not obliged to report data on introducing the packaging into circulation, if:

  • the packaging that is introduced into circulation or used for own purposes is refundable or
  • the annual amount of packaging introduced into circulation or used for own purposes does not exceed 15,000 kg.



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Packaging waste

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