Safety standards for services with own or contract workforce

(The Netherlands standard reference: VCA (SCC) and VCU (SCP))



Standard SCC/SCP – safety standard for services with own or contract workforce. The standard arises from the interest of uniformity, comparison and review of the safety level, and dissemination of it. Initially, standard appeared mainly in industrial chains where there is an increased risk to safety and health of employees and environment (chemical industry, whose business is about transporting hazardous substances and storage of hazardous materials...). It can be combined with all other established standards (for example ISO or OHSAS type), which it actually complements.


The standard is basically divided into two parts:


  • Target group I – companies that manufacture (manufacturer) (SCC)
  • Target group II – companies that provide workforce (SCP)


Standard for the I target group SCC is additionally adopted with regard to the size of the company:


Advantages for your organization


  • As a company, you are disclosing your occupational health and safety as well as environment protection related company policy with the standard, which is internationally recognized,
  • you can appear on the EU market and be more competitive than other companies, which do not yet have this standard, because these companies cannot conduct business and implement works for those companies, which have already adopted the standard (chemical industry, paper pulp, assembly and installation business...),
  • you have a review over the condition of safety and health at work and of environmental protection that you are anyway obligated to implement within the framework of laws,
  • in the long run you are able to reduce the costs and expenses due to different indirect effects (for example, less sick days...).


The SCC/SCP standard is a great advantage and a raise from the average, which is very important for the success of the company. Acquisition of the SCC/SCP standard is becoming a necessary step for the opportunity to compete in taking part in more developed countries of the European Union and is many cases an indisputable requirement. It is just a matter of time when similar requirements will also appear in Slovenia and then may priority of those, who previously think of the SCC/SCP standard, already be decisive.



Why introduce SCC and SCP standard with outside experts from the company CIVIS d.o.o.?


The company CIVIS d.o.o. has available human resources having extensive experience in different professional areas and is active in different industries.


Usual approach to the introduction:


  • signing the agreement,
  • beginning of introduction and determining the time schedule of the introduction,
  • analysis of current modifications with already existing standards,
  • gradual visits and working visits,
  • preparation for certification audit,
  • participation at the certification audit,
  • control implementation of measures from the assessment for tracking continuous improvements.


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