Standard terms and conditions of the company CIVIS d.o.o.


Standard terms and conditions set forth rights and obligations of both contracting parties, those of the company CIVIS d.o.o. and those of the customer; furthermore, they determine the manner, the content and operational terms and thus represent an integral part of special understandings among both contracting parties.
During the validity period, standard terms and conditions may be subject to change. Amended and modified standard terms and conditions shall take effect immediately upon posting on the company's website available at Standard terms and conditions are also available at the company's official headquarters.




Individual customer may order services, rendered by the company CIVIS d.o.o. in the following below listed ways:

1) May send purchase order:


  • via e-mail of the CIVIS's contact person (e-mail addresses are posted on the website),
  • electronically, via the website,
  • by fax on the following number: +386 2 331 84 46,
  • by mail on the following address: CIVIS d.o.o., Radvanjska cesta 87, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia.


2) May personally deliver the purchase order.
3) Enters into cooperation agreement with the company CIVIS d.o.o..




Deadline for cancellation of the contract shall be determined promptly for every individual case in the agreement. Deadline for cancellation of the remaining orders shall be at least two days prior to the agreed period for the commencement of rendering the service.




Service provider (CIVIS d.o.o.) shall undertake to protect as business secrecy, the entire time and also after the completion of works, all Contracting Authority's confidential information or business secrecies, or other data, which were made available to him in carrying out their service and which are referring to the Contracting Authority or to his business dealings.




The Contracting Authority shall undertake to submit a complaint against the service rendered by the Service Provider within the period of 8 days from the completion of work and reception of the final document. Oral complaints are accepted only at the official headquarters of the company CIVIS d.o.o. Service Provider undertakes to solve to complaints as soon as possible as well as to inform the customer regarding his decision in written form.
In the event of an appeal to the decision made by the inspection body the Contracting Authority shall be under obligation to deliver the said appeal in written form. CIVIS d.o.o. solves the received appeals as soon as possible, in accordance with its own procedures.



The company operates in its business premises from Monday to Friday from 7:00 / 8:00 to 15:00 / 16:00. Our professional assistants carry out their work mostly in the field, frequently also outside the above stated working hours (depending on the conditions and type of work).




Communication between customers and the company may take place through the headquarters in Maribor, through branch offices, website or personally with employees at the company.




Orders may be accepted in written form, by telefax, telephone and also via e-mail. The order itself must be accurately and precisely defined (content, scope...).
Conditions of the service implementation (control/ testing) and documentation, which the customer shall submit previously, shall be subject to agreement made with the technical assistant prior to the commencement of the service implementation.
Customer may change or cancel its order only in the event that the order had not yet been carried out or in the event its implementation may be prevented. The company accepts only written order changes or order cancellations.




Offers are issued based on the inquiry. Validity of the offer is set forth on the offer. After the expiry of the offer the offer validity may upon the customer's request be extended, however, the incurred changes must be introduced.




Prices of the CIVIS d.o.o. services are charged according to the pricelist in force at the time of service implementation. The last price list in force is available at the headquarters of the company CIVIS d.o.o.. The value added tax in prices on the price list is not included and shall be charged on the date of invoice issuance.




The customer pays for the service upon billing or with advanced payment. The deadline for payment is indicated on the invoice or on the pro forma invoice. The customer receives the invoice after the rendered service unless the contract or the agreement provides otherwise.




The customer receives the product by mail or in person.




CIVIS d.o.o. company shall reserve all intellectual property rights on the products of its activity included or posted in written form, on the Internet, in some other electronic form or sent to third party. No product may be used, forwarded, copied or recorded in any form, including electronica, photographical, mechanical, paper and other form, without previous written consent of the company's responsible persons.

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