Waste management


Waste management represents collecting, transport, processing and disposal of waste, including supervision of these procedures and control of landfills after their close-up.

Obligations of waste producers

Waste producer, who generates totally more than 150 tonnes of waste or totally more than 200 kilograms of hazardous waste in one calendar year, must ensure an implementation of waste management plan, which defines measures of preventing waste generation and the methods of handling the generated waste.

The waste management plan shall be prepared for the period of 4 years. Such plan shall be reviewed, modified and amended every year.



Waste producer, who generates more than 10 tonnes of waste and/ or more than 5 kg of hazardous waste or emloyes 10 or more people within a period of one year, shall be under obligation to prepare a waste management report and to send it to the Ministry of Agriculture the Environment not later than until March 31st, for the previous year.

Record sheet represents a document, which contains basic information on waste management and shall be filled in at every waste management incidence.

With the record sheet the holder of waste, the waste carrier and the acquirer of the waste confirm sending waste from the storage or waste generation location at the holder of waste to the place of storage or waste processing at the acquirer of waste.


Waste management

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Waste management

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